Laying Instructions

Before laying of the tiles finish the surface of the floor with wood float finish and the completer the rendering and curing at least two weeks prior to laying, please not that do not fix tiles on fresh surface.

Check few boxes before laying to make yourself satisfy for the colour variation, also make sure that the design pattern and the arrow marked on backside of tiles mustbe in the same direction,please note that certain amount of shade variation and side variation are the inherent charactristics of ceramic product the compny will not bearany responsibility once tiles are fixed.

To fix porcelain tiles on the floor conventional sand cement can be used but it is advisable to use tiles fixing adhesives only for wall applications. also note that with the use of fixing media, all the instruction provided along with the must be followed. do not use neat cement.

Porcelain tiles are specially rectified tiles and since they have very low moisture and thermal expansion they can be laid without joints it is not neccessary to leave gaps between two tiles but for better aesthetic value and for guaranteed use, providing spacer in between the tiles is recommended. at the time of laying do not use an iron hammer or some heavy material to press the tile.

After fifteen minutes of the fixating titles should be wiped with a damped sponge and clean the tiles with a soft dry cloth.